Tube bending parts
with up to 42 mm thickness


Kreutz & Mock bends tubes up to 42 mm thick! We use our experience from wire bending uncompromisingly and combine the advantages of our own tube bending machinery – which we have developed, designed and built in-house – with the possibilities of the latest CNC technology. This enables us to machine and process different geometries and tube diameters for you. From prototypes to small-to-medium batch sizes, we are the right manufacturer for bent tube parts.

Tube Bending Technology

Technical Data

  • various tube bending machinery
  • in-house toolmaking
  • a CNC-based mandrel bending machine
  • from 5 to 42 mm in diameter
  • different wall thicknesses
  • part lengths of up to 3,000 mm

Our Range of Materials?

For every use.

We bend tubes from different materials for our customers. We can also offer various techniques for optimum surface quality. Do you need a special colour, corrosion protection, burr-free edges? The possibilities are many and varied, and range from slide grinding and hot-dip galvanising to powder coating, anodising, pickling, electropolishing and much more.

  • stainless steel
  • steels of different grades
  • aluminium
Engineer operating a tube bending machine

Our Guiding Principle

Tradition Meets Innovation