Tailor-made wire bent components for
small, medium and large batch sizes


Kreutz & Mock is synonymous for wire bending like no other company and has been passionate about this for decades. The heart of our business is our machinery, which consists of over 70 bending machines of various types. We have the right solution for every application. Our machines, which we have developed and built ourselves in-house, are the first choice for medium and large series. Need seven-digit quantities or several thousand meters of wire in a short time? No problem! Or are your requirements a little more complex? Our CNC-controlled single- and double-head bending machines are available for small series and complex three-dimensional bent wire parts.

Wire Bending Technology

Technical data

  • over 70 wire bending machines
  • single-/double-head CNC bending machines
  • pneumatic bending technology

  • hydraulic bending technology
  • Ø 0.5 - 13 mm
  • 1,450 tons of wire per year

Material Diversity?

Any way you want.

Our machinery processes (almost) everything, from structural steel, aluminium, copper or brass to stainless steels and spring steels in the quality classes SL, SM, SH, DH. We also offer you various techniques for the optimal surface of your wire products. Do you need a special colour, corrosion protection or burr-free edges? The possibilities are many and varied, and range from slide grinding and hot-dip galvanising to powder coating, anodising and much more. There are no limits to the options for your products.

  • steel and spring steel
  • spring steel (SL, SM, SH, DH)
  • aluminium
  • copper
  • brass

Our Guiding Principle

Tradition Meets Innovation