The Company

The Company


Kreutz & Mock has been an industrial-scale metalworking company since it was formed in 1934. We start every day knowing that we are combining the best of long-standing tradition with the innovative possibilities of the future. Qualified employees, efficient and extremely robust machinery and the latest control technologies enable us to make a wide variety of products with a very high vertical range of manufacture. Adherence to delivery dates and quality standards are no coincidence for us – they are what motivates us.

Kreutz & Mock

A few facts

  • 40 motivated employees
  • approx. 3,000 m² production area
  • approx. 1,000 m² storage area
  • more than 80 years of competence
  • over 3.000 products
  • 1,450 tons of processed material


Where Tradition Meets ...

Simply put, metalworking is a rough business: it squeaks and grinds here, sparks fly now and then and in the air there is the smell of a mixture of oil and the wear-and-tear of materials. While our industry generally likes to hide behind flawless production photos with high-end association, we don't! We are proud of our machinery, which consists of more than 70 machines and which is equipped and maintained with much dedication and technical expertise. The basis for this is our own toolmaking shop. We individually design and manufacture the ideal tools for your order with all the expertise at our disposal. The result is consistently high quality at high lot sizes and at reasonable conditions.

Digital Industry

... Innovation.

Metalworking also means thinking ahead. We have created trend-setting options for complex solutions in 3D wire bending, small and medium series and short-term requirements in particular: CAD-based planning, CNC control of the machines, automatic placement, QM systems and much more. If you have the data, we have the means of using it to manufacture the corresponding product. We will also be happy to use our knowledge to help you optimise your data upon request. Just ask us!

Kreutz & Mock

A history with a future

Lack of skilled workers?

Not with us!

Our production machinery and the latest high-tech units – all of which we make in-house – require a perfectly-trained team of specialists. Every step must be right first time. Of course, we also attach great importance to well-trained personnel in all other areas of our company. As a Chamber of Industry and Commerce-approved vocational training company, we continuously offer training positions for industrial mechanics, toolmakers, warehouse clerks and office clerks and give the trainees many opportunities to find a future in our company. The best example is our managing director, who started his career with us as an apprentice industrial mechanic.

At home in Mainfranken.

Active worldwide.

Industrial products 'Made in Mainfranken' (the Main-Franconia region of northwestern Bavaria) convince customers worldwide. We deliver directly from the Main region to well-known customers in the automotive and construction industries, the agriculture and forestry sectors, the roller shutter manufacturing industry and the logistics sector, from small industrial companies to global players – on all continents. When will you be joining us?


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