Surface treatments and
surface refinements


The quality of your metal products or individual components depends on the perfect look or function of the surface? Then let's work together to refine your products to the last smooth and shiny detail. Whether glossy or matt, painted or galvanized: Together with several strong partners, we can provide many kinds of metals with almost any surface engineering needed. We offer a large variety of different surface treatments and finishes. With our machinery and a strong network of specialized partners, we realize almost any surface, no matter if it's only one piece or mechanical component or a large series.

Whatever you and your customers need: We are your reliable partner in surface engineering. With our large machine park, a dedicated staff and decades of experience, we implement individual surface concepts for different industrial areas, i. e. the automotive industry, chemicals and pharmaceuticals or the transport and logistics segment. Our customer-orientation is another important part of our high surface technology standards: We want to offer you a real all-round carefree package which goes even beyond our core competencies.

Surface Engineering

Our Offer

  • slide grinding (barrel finishing)
  • electropolishing
  • sandblasting
  • varnishing
  • powder coating

Surface engineering is a collective term for all technologies that can be used to change the properties of surfaces. This can be a coating, for example by galvanizing or painting, but also the removal of surface structures, for example by sandblasting, electropolishing or vibratory grinding. Which technology is used for surface processing always depends on the material of the workpiece or component - and, of course, on the function it will perform after the surface treatment.

  • electroplating
  • hot-dip galvanising
  • zinc flake coating
  • de-rusting
  • cleanroom preparation

Surface engineering can mechanically protect components against wear, friction and corrosion. Also, the electrical conductivity of a workpiece can be made possible or prevented by a surface treatment. Certain optical properties such as reflection or absorption of light waves can be achieved. And of course it is also possible to combine different surface treatments for the desired result.

Quality, experience and competence

Since our company was founded in 1934, Kreutz & Mock has become a strong partner to numerous leading industrial companies. We want to provide our customers with the best performance every day: in surface engineering, the production of complete assemblies and also in wire and tube bending technology. Our team includes 40 experienced and highly motivated employees, working in a production area of 3,000 m². So, we are very well equipped to meet even complex customer requests and demanding orders reliably, perfectly on time and in consistently high quality.

Our core competence is still the forming of metal products. But in more than 80 years of company history, we have expanded our range of services more and more. Today, we no longer only bring wires and tubes into any desired shape, we also offer high-quality solutions for many industrial sectors.

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